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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guitar Heroes

Many may wonder what happens at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion when the venue isn’t filled with thousands of girls screaming for Big Time Rush (yes I was one of those screaming girls) or the stage filled with the sound of the Houston Symphony. It's just like every other office place. The Pavilion is still hard at work. Today I’m going to stir things up a bit, because it’s battle of the offices here at The Pavilion.

Jeff Young, vice president of operations, has an amazing memorabilia collection in his office. Filled with badges from numerous concerts, posters, a couch and his very own flat screen TV and fridge. Needless to say he’s got the perfect set up, but today’s blog isn’t about Young (we’ll save that for next week).

Christine Scully, director of development at The Pavilion, has an office that isn’t like the rest. Many offices are filled with pictures or cool paintings but not Scully’s. If guitars are what you like to play then Scully’s office is where you want to stay. Viewed as the "Guitar Hero" of offices, Scully has autographed guitars lining the walls. However, there’s more to these guitars, and this post, than meets the eye.

Left to right: Nickelback, Dave Matthews, Journey, Crosby Stills & Nash, 
Dukes of September, John Mayer, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band

Each guitar that hangs on Scully’s wall was signed on the night of a concert by the performer who played on The Pavilion’s stage. The next time the performer returns to The Pavilion’s stage, the guitar will be used to raise money for The Pavilion’s educational outreach programs. Started back in 2010, the guitar auction program has raised more than $75,000.

The guitars usually raise between $5,000- $15,000 each, with Jimmy Buffett and Nickelback having raised the most. Dave Matthews is another artist that has signed a guitar. What’s so great about Dave Matthews’ guitar is the artwork.

“There are very few artists that actually put artwork on there,” said Scully. “The last two years Dave Matthews has taken the time to make some interesting faces on his guitars. So his guitars are not just an autograph, but a piece of art.”

 Dave Matthews' guitar design

Although artists are getting more and more particular about what they sign, The Pavilion is fortunate that many of the contemporary artists performing at The Pavilion support The Pavilion’s mission by participating in this fundraiser.

The next guitars to be auctioned are signed by John Mayer, Steely Dan, Heart and Maroon 5. The auctions take place on the night of each artist’s concert, starting with John Mayer's concert on Friday. If you are interested in taking one of the guitars home with you, you must be a season ticket holder or a guest of a season ticket holder. (For more information about becoming a season ticket holder email JD Villasenor at

“What I like about the program is, just like the Dave Matthews guitar we auctioned, it touches a base of people that we don’t typically reach,” said Scully. “The Dave Matthews guitar went to a woman from Wisconsin. It’s great because we were able to communicate our mission to someone outside our board and volunteers and broaden our fundraising program. Plus, it makes my office look super cool,.”

Now with every battle comes a winner and, sorry Jeff, but this round of battle of the offices goes to Christine. Because how can you argue with something that benefits the community? You just can’t.

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  1. My wife and I purchased the DMB guitar at the 2014 concert for our 20th anniversary. It is proudly displayed in our pool table room.


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