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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You’ve Got The Tickets, Now What?

Every time I purchase a pair of concert tickets I do a little dance as I am so excited to see the upcoming performance. Once the excitement subsides I suddenly feel stressed. Questions of what to wear, what I can bring and rules of the venue start running through my head. It’s because each venue is different so you have to plan accordingly.

Well, I'm here to help take a little stress off of you. Although, I can’t help you with what to wear, I can help you with other things (Check out our Pinterest. There are great tips on Pavilion fashion). After meeting with the Event Manager with the help of the event staff supervisors, I’ve compiled a list on helpful tips for your concert-going experience.

- Our preferred ticket vendor is Ticketmaster/LiveNation. You can purchase tickets online, over the phone or at a Ticketmaster outlet. There are other ticket vendors that sell tickets to events held at The Pavilion, but we cannot be assured of their integrity. You can also purchase tickets in person at our Box Office.

- Determine if your tickets are Will Call or paperless and what that entails. So many people don't know whether they have paperless or Will Call or what credit card they bought their ticket with.

- Keep your tickets easily accessible. The ushers in the reserved seating area check your tickets to make sure you are entering the aisle closest to your seat. This makes it easier for you and the people already sitting down.

Pre-Concert Preparation
- Check the official Pavilion website for the lists of what we normally allow at events. This is a standard list and is subject to change until show time at the discretion of the artist(s) or the tour.  If there are any questions about specific events, please call 281-364-3010 or visit our Facebook page.

- Charge your phone. Drink plenty of water. Designate a driver if you plan to drink alcohol.

- Leave in plenty of time to allow for traffic, because there will be some, whether it is congestion around the venue or an accident on I-45. Check out our website on how to beat the traffic.

- Check the website for last minute changes or concerns. Remember we are an outside venue so weather needs to be taken into consideration. All shows are rain or shine. Concerts are not cancelled due to rain.

- Only bringing in the necessities allows for smoother entry into the gates. Leave your valuables at home! You can also check non-permitted items at the Information Booths. Just don’t forget them when you leave!

- No need to bring your own lawn chairs. They are not allowed and won’t work on the lawn. The Pavilion has lawn chairs specially designed for the hill to rent ($6). You can leave them on the lawn after the show.

Arriving at The Pavilion
- Follow the signs for parking. Your GPS will take you to the Box Office, not the parking lot.

- Free parking is available in the lighted and color-labeled lots convenient to The Pavilion. The pathways take you over the waterway (scenic view) and to the South Gate which is usually less crowded. Paid parking is available in the Town Center parking garage, but is sometimes sold out by the day of the show.

- Most parking is free, but the paid parking right next to the venue is "cash only" on the day of shows. Do not park in the Market Street garage or the mall.

- After parking, put any valuables away. The parking lots are patrolled, but don't invite crimes of opportunity.

- Don't forget your keys! (Though if you do our parking staff is equipped to assist).

- The parking staff does their best to tell you which color-labeled parking lot you are in. Remember this color. To help, for instance, if you parked in the Blue Lot and someone in your group has a blue shirt on, make a mental note. These mental associations really help.

- We have a first-rate medical response team that can handle any emergency from serious health problems down to needing a Band-Aid.

- All event staff supervisors are available to answer any questions and handle almost any situation that is presented to them.

When You Get To Your Seat
You can...
- Stand up/sit down to watch the show
- Take pictures and video (if allowed by performer). Note: Regular digital cameras are allowed, but no detachable lenses or professional cameras are permitted.
- Eat and drink
- Dance in your own space

Please don't...
- Ask people in front of you to sit down.
- Smoke in the seated areas (this includes electronic cigarettes)
- Stand or sit on top of your chair

After The Show
- If you parked in a free Pavilion parking lot, leave out of the South Gate. If you parked in the garage or gold lot, leave out of the North or VIP Gates. This will save you a walk.

- Pay attention to pathway signs to help you get back to your car. If you need help, ask for it. We are glad to help.

Now that you’ve read the tips, you are ready to enjoy the show. Feel free to ask any of the staff members in green or red shirts for assistance. As always, check out our website for up-to-date information about parking, shows and more. Policies vary for each show so make sure to check our website and social media for individualized information.

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