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Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Know You're Out There

It's no secret that on any given concert night, the patrons of Market Street and guests of Town Green Park can hear the sounds of bands from Imagine Dragons to Maroon 5 to Steely Dan at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. What many people may not know is listening to concerts from along The Woodlands Waterway and Town Green Park has become almost a ritual for many Houston-area residents.

Sold-out shows, like the Maroon 5 concert Sept. 19, allow roughly 16,000 people to pack into The Pavilion for the performance. For those that miss the opportunity to purchase tickets, listening from the area outside The Pavilion gives guests the opportunity to still hear some of their favorite bands perform while enjoying their own food and beverages. We talked to many of them during the Maroon 5 concert in September.

Guests Suzette and Courtney met outside of The Pavilion during the Train concert and have since become great friends. Suzette drives from Katy to listen to shows from outside the venue, while Courtney lives just across the Waterway.

"Just the other day I called Courtney and asked if she wanted to come listen to Maroon 5 tonight," Suzette said. "It's nice to have someone that will sit out here with me if my family doesn't want to make the drive!"

Other guests enjoy just sitting around with their friends and family with music in the background. Many groups that I spoke with don’t sit outside of the venue often, but appreciate the ability to do so. One guest even thought I was going to ask them to leave when I introduced myself as an employee of The Pavilion.

“I am very aware of the social gathering outside The Pavilion on the night of a concert,” said Jerry MacDonald, president and CEO of The Pavilion. “Actually, it is a pretty cool vibe on the Waterway with family and friends enjoying the music and beautiful surroundings."

The “park people,” as we at The Pavilion refer to these patrons, have developed a culture surrounding the music and experience at The Pavilion we absolutely love. The next time you find yourself frowning over a sold-out concert, don’t forget that you aren’t alone. The park people are there right alongside you.

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  1. And this will forever be one of the coolest things ever!!!!


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