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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Snacks for the Show - Pack a picnic for your next visit to The Pavilion

The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion welcomes guests to bring a picnic to all performing arts events. Check out these delicious, easy-to-make snack ideas that will cool you off or heat things up during the 2015 performance season!

**Remember, drinks are not permitted past the entry gates of The Pavilion. However, you may bring an empty disposable plastic bottle (without a lid) to fill at water fountains.

FOR KIDS                                                                                                    

Fruit Kabobs
    o   Orange slices
    o   Pineapple chunks
    o   Kiwi slices
    o   Blueberries
    o   Grapes
    o   Pack this as a healthy alternative
    for your kids

Snack Mix

    o   Chex cereal
    o   M&Ms
    o   Mini marshmallows
    o   Goldfish Colors
    o   Raisins/Craisins
    o   Combine their favorite treats
     into one snack

TO BEAT THE HEAT                                                                                   

Hummus & Veggies
                               o   Baby carrots, celery, sliced peppers, tomatoes, etc.
                               o   Add sliced pita bread if veggies aren’t your favorite
                               o   Pack it in separate bags or containers to keep them fresh and flavorful

Cheese & Crackers
                               o     Assorted cheeses paired with your favorite crackers
                               o    Add summer sausage for a more filling snack that will keep you cool

TO KEEP TOASTY                                                                                      

Macaroni and Cheese
  o   Add peppers, sausage,  or any of your favorite ingredients for a unique recipe
  o   Pack it in an insulated bowl to keep it warm until you eat

Hot Sandwiches
  o   Toasted sandwiches can be kept
warm in insulated bags or containers
  o   They’ll heat you up during the
chilly fall in the outdoor Pavilion

SEASONAL & SWEET                                                                                                                                                                

  Gingerbread Cookies
                               o   Come prepared for Holly Jolly Jingle (December 3) with your creatively decorated gingerbread figures
                               o   Munching these is sure to get anyone into the holiday spirit

Spooky Sugar Cookies
                               o     Customize some spooky sugar cookies for Hocus Pocus Pops (October 23)
                               o    The whole family can enjoy this snack, in hot or cold weather

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