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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Best Seats in the House

The Best Seats in the House

There’s no such thing as a bad seat at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. But, when deciding which seats may best serve your needs and interests at a performance, consider all of your options.

Sections 101 & 103

No matter where your seats are in this section, you’ll be up close and personal with the performers. These side sections are ideal because you can see more depth of the stage, while still maintaining a full view of both LED screens. Most importantly, the sound from the stage will be full and exciting.

Section 102

Sit front and center in this section, and take it all in with your own eyes. These seats are not ideal for watching the performance on screen, but you are close enough to not need them. Experience the sights, sounds, and even smells of the performance just as the performers experience them.

Sections 104 & 111

These small, far wide sections are an opportunity for the audience to make their own environment in just 64 seats. You will be removed from the majority of the crows, allowing you to avoid any interruptions that may come with a larger section. Enjoy a great view of the stage with these exclusive-feeling sections.

Sections 105, 106, 109 & 110

Each of these mezzanine sections is ideal for any audience members because of the vantage points they offer. Every seat within these sections offers full view of the stage and both LED screens, so viewers will never feel far away from the action.

Sections 107 & 108

Directly behind the middle aisle, the seats in sections 107 and 108 are great for audience members interested in the mechanics of the performance. These sections have been engineered to provide the best lighting and sound experience in the venue. Peek into the sound mixer booth, watch the videographers in the towers, or simply enjoy the activities of the stage.


The lawn is ideal for groups to spread out and be social during performances at The Pavilion. Bring a blanket or rent some lawn chairs and utilize the extra leg room to make your experience more casual and comfortable. The biggest perk of lawn seating is the chance to people watch: see audience reactions as well as the movement on stage.

While the Orchestra Pit is the first choice for many because of its proximity to the stage, it is not available for seating at all shows or may be out of your price range.

Season ticket holders have the option of sitting in the Box Seats, located directly behind Section 102, and enjoying the amenities offered by the Woodforest Bank Club at The Pavilion. These seats offer the same aesthetic benefits of Section 102.

Finally, if you want to sit in the Best Seats in the House, you can register to win a Tommy Bahama catered meal for four at The Pavilion’s next performing arts event. Dine at a private table directly behind Section 103 with your friends or family while you watch the symphony, ballet or opera performance.

When it comes down to it, you want to make sure your experience is memorable and fun. With a little more knowledge of the individual benefits of each section, you can account for the budget, comfort, and overall experience that will be best for you.


  1. I want to see 311 on August 7th and would like to get as close as possible. How does the pit work in front of section 102? Are there assigned seats in the pit?

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