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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Makings of a #PavilionPicnic

Who knew picnic & The Pavilion went together just like watermelon & summertime?

Star-Spangled Salute has become a treasured tradition for families since it first was performed at The Pavilion. This year a new tradition begins with #PavilionPicnic.  Show off your love of America and build the ultimate patriotic picnic with red, white, and blue eats and sweets. At the show unpack on the hill and snap a picture. Post all the fun on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #PavilionPicnic and at intermission you may find your picnic featured on the big screen.

So what goes into making the perfect #PavilionPicnic?

1. The Centerpiece: also known as the picnic blanket.
Be sure to bring a blanket or tablecloth to set the stage for your picnic. The perfect blanket is definitely the personality of your picnic! Lots of food and no room to sit? That's ok - at all performing arts shows, lawn chairs are free!

2. Be the envy of your neighbor: sweets & eats.
Nothing is worse than looking over at your neighbor on the hill and coveting their picnic spread. Cheeses, grapes and chocolates OH MY! Or are you a fried chicken and corn on the cob kinda person? Regardless, the perfect menu is at the forefront of any picnickers' mind. Stick to finger foods for ease and don't forget the napkins!

3. Keep calm and Carry On: the picnic basket. 
Does Dad usually get stuck with carrying the picnic basket? Be sure to think ahead and pack efficiently - not too heavy and in as few baskets/bags as possible. One of our favorite "picnic baskets?" A pizza box from Grimaldi's or Brother's!

4. Top it all off: let The Pavilion handle the drinks.
While The Pavilion allows you to bring a picnic in, this does not include beverages. No problem though, Aramark offers both sodas and other assorted beverages (including the adult variety) to top off your perfect #PavilionPicnic. Just want water? Guests can bring an empty water bottle to fill up at the water fountain!

5.  Just do it: take your shoes off.
The Pavilion lawn was once described to me as "delicate like lace, but tough as a pig's iron." Nothing beats tunes from the Main Stage, friends around a picnic blanket and your toes in the grass.

No matter what makes up your #PavilionPicnic, we look forward to seeing you on the hill this season. For a list of all upcoming shows at The Pavilion visit: 


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